How Can I View My Girlfriends Text Messages From My Pc Free?


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Even though many websites and people on the Internet will claim that there are ways of viewing the text messages of others free of charge from any computer, it simply isn't true. You cannot view the content of individual messages unless you have the actual phone on which those messages are sent and received.

That being said, there are ways to see the information that is associated with sent and received text messages. The messages, after all, are sent through a network, which means that they are saved on that network, just like voicemails and any other forms of transmitted data files.

Once a message has been transferred via that network, the only information that can be viewed from an online network is the date, time, phone number or email to which the text message was sent, and the number of messages transmitted. Even then, you would need to have the appropriate login information for the network reporting site or be a skilled hacker, which of course is a statement just made in jest, since her private information is hers and hers alone. There is no reason you should be accessing it without her permission.

Even with all of this information, my question really is, why do you want to view your girlfriend's text messages from your PC? Are you checking up on her? Sneaking around behind her back? If you're that concerned with what she is sending and who she's communicating with, I suggest you discuss it with her.

If you're still not satisfied with the answers you receive or don't trust that she's being honest, I think you have much bigger problems that how to see text messages for free online. Not only are you willing to be untrustworthy yourself by sneaking around to see her private messages, but you aren't even willing to pay for the service. I think you have some relationship issues to work through.
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You don't need to check her messages, then you can't really complain on her, can you? Ask her. If she says no, you have only a theory, right? No need to panic - she might tell the truth, which in that case would be good, but if not, wait. She's bound to show it sooner or later various ways. If she doesn't tell you herself, you'll find out otherwise. Besides, if she's cheating on you, it's her loss, right? She won't have the same satisfaction with you after being with another guy.

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