How To Break The Security Code & Restore For Nokia 2600 Classic?


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If you have yet to set your own security code then try 12345 as this is the one which is built in to the phone when it is purchased. If this does not work, then you are probably right; it will need to be reset. The reset code for this handset should be *#7780#. This should be done when the phone has full charge on the battery and it should be connected to the charger and plugged in throughout the process to prevent further damage to the phone.

If neither of these techniques work, or if you do not feel confident with the workings of the phone, then I would advise you take it to your nearest mobile repair store or the store you bought it from. Messing about with it when you aren't sure what you are doing (or if you don't know what is wrong with it) can do more damage than good.

The problem with the above advice is that there are instances when these methods will not work, for example, if it is a different code which is needed. Different countries or different variations of this model may require a different code; to find this you could either refer to your manual, contact Nokia or go back to the store where the phone was purchased. Hope this helps.
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Please find the Nokia 2600 classic New Security code for Unlock phone. I have try 12345 but not work. Imei No is 35639602948997

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