How Can I Track My Daughter Location Using Her Phone Number? Please Help Me


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There are a number of programs and software options that allow you to track a person's location via their mobile phone. Set up is as follows:

  • Step 1
Find a piece of software that provides a tracking service. Equipped with this,  you need access to the cell phone that you intend to track. You then need to install the relevant software onto the phone in question or insert a GPS tracking device.  Where a GPS chip (tracker) is utilised, it can be inserted into the back of the phone where it will be unnoticed. It will be activated when the phone is turned on and send a signal to your computer.

  • Step 2
Load the software that you have purchased onto a PC or laptop to detect the phone's location. The program is likely to use Mapquest or Google Maps to facilitate this
    • Step 3
    When the software has been uploaded onto your computer, you will need to activate the tracker. Retain the phone until the tracker has been activated as in most cases a text message will be sent to the 'tracked' phone to confirm activation.
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    Herry Moby , Anonymous How Can I Track My Daughter Location, answered

    Three are many ways to track your daughter’s
    location. In one way, if you and your kid both have GPS on your cell phone, you
    may track her location. The second way is to use software like Mobile Spy to track your kid. This software can be used to track the GPS location with
    maps and it can also record text and phone calls.

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    Jessie Swift answered

    No, you need to install a parental tracking app like iKeyMonitor to help you track your kids' phone location.

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    Allen nadar answered
    If both phones have features like gps then service provider can help you to track her location

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