How to unlock my TracFone LG420G?


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Most mobile phones come with a network lock in place; this allows a model of phone to be restricted to one network or carrier, encouraging loyalty to a brand.  Unlocking your phone will allow you to be able to use the handset for multiple networks, therefore enabling you to change from one network provider to another without having to change your handset.  In order to unlock your particular phone you would typically need a code that will allow the handset to accept any network.  This code is usually referred to as a 'master code' or 'network code' and can usually be obtained by your existing network provider.  Therefore the first step in unlocking your phone should be to contact your network (for example AT&T) and ask for the specific code to be able to unlock your phone.  Occasionally your request for this will be denied, as the giving out of these codes usually coincides with a move away from the network, and network providers are therefore reluctant to provide the code.  If this is the case then you may need to go to a shop, or look online, for a company that specialises in unlocking phones.  This service is not free, and you would usually have to pay for your phone to be unlocked in this instance.  For LG phones specifically you may want to try websites such as, who seem to specialise in LG phones.  There are some forums that suggest that the code for unlocking your phone is 12345, although this cannot be verified without actually trying it.  It may be worth going to the network settings section of your phone and trying the above code.  If this code does not work then you will need to speak to an unlocking specialist or your network provider.

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