How To Reset Nokia 1112?


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  • How to reset a Nokia 1112
If you want to do a hard reset of your Nokia 1112, the best way to do this is to get the official unlock code from your service provider. Once they have established that you are definitely the registered owner of the phone, they will provide you with a code to put into the handset to unlock and reset the phone - if this is what has happened.

This is the best way to reset your phone, especially if you have forgotten your security code or locked the phone after entering the pin too many times incorrectly. However, they may need to speak to the registered owner of the phone in order for them to give you the code for security purposes.

If not, then you could visit your local service provider store where a member of staff will be able to help you. At these stores they tend to have an in-store technical help desk for problems such as this, so they will be able to look at your phone and either fix it there or advise on the best way forward or refer you to somewhere that could help you. Either way, they are sure to be able to advise you on your options.
  • Restoring a Nokia 1112
If you simply want to restore your Nokia 1112 to its original factory settings, then go into the settings menu. In the security section there is usually a command saying 'restore to factory settings' - once you have done this it will be rest the phone to its original settings.
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Type these codes:
but this will restore it factory setting
and all data will be lost.

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