How Do I Reset My Pin Code?


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Jack Buckby answered
This depends on the type of phone you have. For most phones, though, you can change the pin code by going to the security settings on the phone and then selecting the option to set pin. You will probably be prompted to enter your current pin number as a security measure. Once you have entered the current pin, you will then be able to enter a new pin that will be in use from then onwards.
Sometimes, you will need to reset your pin if you have forgotten the current pin and now need a new one that you can recognise. In this case you may need to contact your mobile phone provider and explain to them what has happened. They may need to verify some other details with you just to identify you as the current owner of the phone as opposed to someone who has stolen it from a person during a burglary, for example.
There may be a chance the mobile phone provider may issue you with a new PUK number. These security numbers are unique to each phone handset and the general purpose of them is to provide an added element of security to phone users in the event of the phone being stolen or lost.
Although it is inconvenient if you do forget your pin number, it is still a very worthwhile thing to set on the phone in order to secure your privacy and security. In addition, this also proves you should select a pin number you will be able to easily remember, but not something as straight forward that someone would be able to guess it and then access your phone's features.
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You'd find the resetting of pin code option in the "settings" of your gadget. There you can type the old pin code and change it to a new pin code. In this way you can reset it.
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If you forgot your PIN [which means if you entered your PIN code incorrectly 3 times], you will have to enter your PUK code (PIN unblocking key). The PUK code is found at your SIM card pack if you brought yours. After you entered your PUK code correctly, you will be able to reset your PIN code.

Just be aware: If you entered your PIN code incorrectly 3 times, the message says 'SIM card blocked' and you will have to enter your PUK code. If you entered your PUK code incorrectly 10 times, then the message says 'SIM card rejected'.

If your SIM card is rejected, you will have to buy a replacement SIM on your phone store. Hope this is helpful.

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