How Do I Reset Puk Code?


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There are some basic rules to follow to reset a PUK code; as ever there will be variations depending on the model of the phone. PUK codes have been introduced to reduce the value of mobile/cell phones to thieves. By immobilizing the phone its value is greatly reduced and there is no way for the thief to use the phone to run up a high bill.

  • PIN codes and PUK numbers

Like many security features, people tend to find out about them when it's too late. Most people will have a PIN number for their phone but in some cases they may get their PIN mixed up and be unable to access the phone. At this stage they need to have a PUK code which allows them into the phone to reset the PIN, unlocking the phone for used again. Most companies will only allow three attempts at the PIN number before they disable the phone, fearing that it may have fallen into the wrong hands.

  • What happens if you're denied access?

Once you reach the stage of being denied access, you will be asked for your PUK code which usually consists of ten digits. If you haven't taken note of the PUK code you will need to contact your mobile network, prove your identity and get the code directly from them.

  • Note down your PIN and PUK numbers

If you have the PUK code it is fairly straightforward to use and allows you to use the phone again. You will be normally be given five attempts to use the PUK code which will unlock your phone immediately. In order to avoid these sort of problems it is always suggested to take note of your PIN and PUK codes on separate pieces of paper.

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