My straight talk nokia e71 says invalid sim card, how can i unlock it?


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A word of warning before anything else seems to be in order: It is advisable not to put incorrect unlock codes into the Nokia e71 mobile phone as too many attempts with wrong codes may hard lock the phone and render it unusable.

A correct, unique unlock code for the particular Nokia e71 can be obtained by either purchasing it from <a href=""> Mobile Unlock Solutions </a>, or from  one of the various other available sites, such as <a href=""> Unlock Freedom </a> or <a href=""> Code 2 Unlock </a>.

The provided code will be referred to as CODE in the instructions following below.

It is then necessary to turn on the phone without an inserted sim card. Ignoring any messages on the phone, the following needs to be put into the phone: #pw+CODE+1#

In theory, the phone should then display the message 'SIM Restriction Off' and be unlocked.

Users of phones locked into the Canadian networks Fido or Rogers need to make the following change to the above instructions: #pw+CODE+7#

The result should be the same.

The p will appear if the star Button (*) is pressed three times in quick succession.
The w will appear if the star button(*) is pressed four time in quick succession.
The + symbols is achieved by quickly pressing the star (*) button twice.

These instructions should result in the phone being unlocked. If it does not work the first time, it is best to re-check the code in order to avoid hard-locking the phone by repeated input of an incorrect code. If the code entered was correct, but fails to unlock the phone, the supplier or network may have to be contacted.
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It  is probably locked so that you can only use sim cards from a certain network. If you click here someone is offering a link that they say is to a code that can unlock your phone. I haven't tried this though, so please be careful it is a genuine code. If you are not sure, better try the Nokia help desk or website.
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It is best of to contact your service provider

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