How Can I Unlock My Nokia 5800,s Memory Card?


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  • Connection and Software
You will need to connect it to a computer and reset it using the Nokia software. You will need to download the software from the Nokia site and then attach your phone to your computer using a USB connector. You should have got this cable with the cell phone when you purchased it but if you do not have one of these you can purchase them from any cell phone store.

  • Resetting
Once your phone is connected click on reset and this will reset your whole phone including the memory card. Follow the on screen prompts and instructions and you can disconnect the phone from the computer once the reset has been completed.

  • Warning
If you have not synced your phone and memory card with the computer before, you will lose your data when you do this. Try to make sure that you sync the phone with a computer regularly so that you will not risk losing your data.

You should always check to see if the password has been reset before resetting the phone. This will happen when your memory card password is reset without you knowing. When this happens, the password will go back to the default setting and will be set to 12345. Try typing this in before resetting the cell phone as this may be the only issue with the memory card and it will save you losing your data.

Reasons that your memory card may have been reset without you knowing;

  • Some updates to your phone may reset the memory card.
  • If you have taken the memory card out of the phone and it has not registered properly again.
  • If you have reset your phone and not used the memory card since.
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Hello friends hou can I unlock my 5800 xpress music 8gb memory card without loose my memory data plz tell ans becoz I forget my memory card passward
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Can you pls elaborate the unlocking steps....How to unlock using Remote Lock function. Pls give me the detailed steps ???

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Thank you buddy....your trick worked like a charm for my nokia 5800...

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Folloow this step (it's worked, my own experience) :

1. Set your remote phone lock (in the phone mgmt menu).

2. Lock your phone, using another phone (send the password for remote phone lock, example : 12345678)

3. Phone locked, unlock it.

4. Now you can unlock the MMC, using your remote phone lock password (12345678).

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