How Can I Unlock My Memory Card (nokia 5310)?


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Hi dere

This solution for Phone that have execution file name : on folder z:\system\app\
Note :
Not all S60 Phone have this execution file.
To unlock Memory Card :
- Run execution file
- Enter new Password you like (example "12345")
- Run app Memory (Phone app Memory Standard)
- Choose To Unlock MMC with that new password

Every times you set to lock your Memory Card with lock password , phone made a file to save your password with file name mmcstore - you can find ths file in folder c:\system\.
Note :
To see the file you must set your file browser app to show hidden files.

To get your Lock Password :

- Send that file into your PC
- Change file extension with .txt
- Open that file using app Notepad
- You will see your lock password


(This way not always success)
- Make sure that your phone have app Notepad
- Copy that file into other folder
- Change its attribute not a system file and not a hidden file
- Change its extension with .txt
- Run app Notepad on your Phone
- Open that file
- You will see your lock password

Use app for Break Memory Card Password - this app name MMCPWD

To get your Lock Password :
- Install app MMCPWD into your phone
- Run app MMCPWD
- Choose Option then choose Restore

Use Fexplorer Pro its for new s60 5th edition phones also workin on 3rd edition phones

This may help...I am having same problem and worked for me...

My Best
Kapil(a.k.a Jason)
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So I do... I forgot my memory password :(
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I forgot my password of memory card how I can unlock the memory card of nokia 5610-d

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