How To Unlock Password Of Memory Card Of Nokia 3120c?


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The question must be careful with the direction it is leading - Blurtit cannot advise how to hack a piece of hardware or software; it can only advise if there is a legitimate reason it's locked and a legitimate options to unlock it.

The memory card problem seems fairly common amongst Nokias. It isn't known whether this is specifically a Nokia problem, bad luck, or a problem with the cards that Nokia phones accept.

The card will be a MicroSD card, as that is what fits phones. The solution is to use an adaptor card. These are full size SD cards with a special slot for the MicroSD. You then plug that into your computer's SD card slot and open up the memory card via your operating system. Usually it will display a pop-up saying the device has been detected. The likelihood is that you need to format the card, to wipe the password, but you should look at what it's storing first. If your computer does not have an SD card slot then you can buy an adaptor USB pen. This will have an SD slot in the side of it, and they are very cheap to buy.

The MicroSD card acts as a doubly functioning storage capacity. On the one hand, it stores phone data (should you require) and can store media to use on your phone. On the other, it acts as a mass storage device. It can store data and media that is not compatible with your phone but is fine for a computer. Formatting this data without having copies would be a bad idea. Formatting is a last resort, and as long as you can access the memory via a computer it's tolerable to suffer the password trouble.

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