How To Get At&t Phone Records Without My Girl Knowing?


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There are a number of ways to obtain phone records without the knowledge of your partner. The most common way is to download a program called flexispy. This program enables you to view texts sent and received, calls made and received, as well as data that has been downloaded to the phone. Another product that enables you to check these records is called mobispy.

AT&T cell phones use a SIM card which can be read using a card reader that can be bought online at a reasonable price. The reader will download everything off the phone and enable you to access the records of the phone. The reader will also extract deleted data from the phone, so any information that someone thinks is not accessible actually is.

If the phone is pay as you go, you will need a pass code that will enable a search of calls made, with dates and times, as well as texts sent. You won't, however, be able to check incoming calls or texts using this service. If the phone is a pay monthly phone then there should be a record of calls made online, which is also accessible with a passcode. This will show itemized calls and texts again indicating dates and times.

If the matter is one of a legal nature then the phone records can be requested from AT&T by serving a subpoena. This must include the legal reason that you are trying to access the records, as well as the phone number, and the name and address of the person's records you are trying to access.

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