How To Reset Factory Settings Of Nokia 6500 Slide Cellphone?


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There are a couple of ways to reset your Nokia 6500 but it is important to realize that by doing this you will lose all the data held on the phone. Every picture, video, text message and phone number will be lost by resetting the Nokia 6500 to its factory settings. Lots of websites will offer options on how to restore the settings but these are unauthorized- only contacting the service provider is sure to prove successful.

  • Security
The most obvious and common way to reset the cell phone is to contact your service provider. They will have a customer care team that will be able to unlock the code allowing you to return to the factory settings. To access this you will have to be the registered owner of the phone and will be asked security questions including a password. The reason for the security settings is to discourage theft. Knowing that a handset is almost useless without the security code is a major deterrent to anyone looking to steal or deal in stolen cell phones. If you are the correct owner of the phone the factory settings will be restored free of charge which allows you to sell or pass the phone on for someone else to use without your data and information coming with the cell phone.

  • Backing up information
Before you reset the phone it is advisable to back-up all of the information stored on the phone. This can be done linking your cell phone to a pc and downloading the details. It's best to download everything rather than being selective. With everything downloaded you can then select the most important information to retain and delete those that are just cluttering up your memory space.
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I have a nokia 6500 slide n it will not let me get on it as it says I do not have the right secure code which I no I do.

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