How Do I Look At My Text Messages And Call History Online for free?


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US citizens will be pleased to hear that there is indeed a facility to view their SMS messages and call histories online and free. This is made possible through MrNumber, or Skydeck, as it was previously known.

Basically, MrNumber acts like an inbox for mobiles, by keeping track of calls and messages. From an account area, it is possible to check who called at any time, how long a call was, etc. In addition, it is possible to search through one's call history and the content of messages, as well as keeping an eye on one's balance.

If required, MrNumber can generate a so-called social relationship graph, which is based on factors such as frequency of calls, length of individual calls, whether calls were fairly evenly shared or one-sided, etc. The basic features of this service include:

  • Searching SMS message archives
  • Searching call histories
  • Display of talk time and available messages
Additional features, such as reverse look-up to determine who an unrecognized number belongs to, as well as so-called mystery look-ups can be added on payment of relatively low fees. Reverse look-ups are charged for individually, while mystery look-ups are subject to subscription-like plans.

A recently added feature, namely the call and text status, allows users to let others know when they are free for a chat, prefer to receive text messages or are currently not available.

As previously stated, this free service is currently only available in the US, which is a real shame. It does not appear there is a similar service available anywhere else, or if there is, it has not been possible to locate it as yet. Although there are similar facilities in the UK, most of these services require payment in some way or another.

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