How Can I Look At My Kids Text Messages Online?


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If you have a look at this site it will tell you exactly how you can look at your kids’ text messages online: Before you do it, though, perhaps you should examine the reasons why you want to look at them; unless it is for their actual safety, you will be treading on very thin ice and you may find that your children will have a really hard time forgiving you if they find out what you are up to.

Mobile Spy is software that allows you to keep track of whoever it is you are spying on. You will be able to know, not only their text messages, but also their GPS position and have a log of all the calls, photos and videos that they take using their phone. This software is compatible with a variety of different phones including iPhone, BlackBerry and Android phones.

You well be able to access the information instantly so you can spy on your children in real time, rather than find out in hind sight what they have been up to, and who they have been texting.

Once Mobile Spy software has been installed onto a phone, it will remain hidden but will make a log of all the calls and texts and send them to the Mobile Spy’s server. You can then log into your account and discover a complete record of all that has been done on the phone that you are checking up on. You will be able to see the times and durations of each call, and be able to read all the text messages, regardless of whether they were sent or received.

If there is more than one person that you would like to keep tabs on then you can use this software for up to three different phones.
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It is not very good to spy on text messages and your parents probably have told you not to  read other people's text messages. Even so, there is a time when parents have to decide to  become a cell phone spy to keep their kids safe. How could you do it?

If you're unfamiliar with the iPhone, ask the salesperson to show you how to check for recent calls and texts.

However, these histories can be cleared, so if there's a need, you can check their phone bill.

Bills usually itemize each text sent and received. You can't see the content of the text, but you'll know when it was sent and what number it was sent to.

If you're really concerned, third-party monitoring services, such as iKeymonitor, give parents full access to all messages. You will be informed with every move of your children.

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Unfortunately you can't do that, however if your child is on the orange network and are registered to an internet account and you do have thier details to the account you will be able to see thier text messages
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You can't see what the messages say, but you can go to your account online and see the numbers, what time of day, how many text they have sent. If you have att you can put smart limits on their phone line for about 5.00 per month.
You need a court order to see contents of text.
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If you pay the bill, ask the kid to show you...if they won't, then take away the phone privilege until they can pay for their own.  Parents and kids alike seem to  forget that cell phones and texting is a privilege not an entitlement like food and shelter.
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All those kids saying that you should have your privacy, wrong. It is our job as parents to protect you, even if it is from yourself. You can have your privacy when you can get a job, pay for your own place. Until then not only do we not have to trust you we don't even need to explain it.

Those parents saying that you should trust your kids, either your kids are perfect angels or your too lazy do the work that real parents do.
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If you get your bill by email you can probably check all sent messages. If not go to your network store and ask.
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So checking your kids text messages is so dumb if we decide to ruin our lives its our fault nd you can sit back and laugh at us...give us privacy and let us live life!
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I think you should give your child their privacy of course their going to make mistakes and do crazy things but hey they r kids let em be I mean you know when you were a kid you did crazy things 2 and your parents weren't all in your face dude just let kids be kids they do stuff just chill and let em learn from their mistakes no kid wants their parent all up in there business 24 7 just kick back and relax they no their limits

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