Can I Check My Kids Text Messages?


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The only way to read your children’s text messages is to physically pick up their phone and access their messages. This is a huge invasion of privacy and by letting your children know that you do not trust them will often lead them to do untrustworthy things, particularly with teenagers.

It is a much better idea to sit down and talk to them in a friendly and relaxed environment where they do not feel threatened or under pressure. Try to build a trusting relationship with your children where they can feel confident enough to approach you regarding important or personal issues, rather than hiding them and being secretive.

The majority of the time, children’s text messages are intensely private to them but will have little meaning to anyone else, so it is best not to invade their private lives by intruding on personal messages.

Do not ask them directly about what they say in their text messages or while they are on the phone as they are likely to close up and not offer any information. Ask them questions about their lives and show a genuine interest in their friends. Many teenagers will be reluctant to talk about personal issues or their friendship but if you show an interest without being overly pushy, they are bound to tell you snippets of information that should give you the information you need. If your child seems upset or sad, or even the opposite and is excitable and happy, these are the best opportunities to talk to them when they want to share their feelings. Listen to what they have to say, even if it is something you do not want to hear, and offer support and advice whenever necessary.

Remember, if your child feels like you are on their side, they are much more like to confide in you. If they feel like you oppose everything they tell you, they will never tell you anything.
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Depending on the age of the kids, yes you can. If they are say 11, you need to have control of content that they can access and use on the phone, block things, and keep track of texts, even calls. A child of 11, should not have total control of their phone since they don't fully understand the responsibility that comes with having them. It's you as a parent that needs to teach them this behavior. Hope this helps, good luck to you.

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Depending on the provider, you can actually have parental control. Numbers, messages and the like, can not be deleted. You can also view.

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