How Can I Check My Boyfriends Text Messages Online?


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It is likely to be illegal to look at someone's text messages online - even if they are your boyfriend.

Data protection is highly regarded; there are many high profile cases of people and companies charged with tapping in to private information not belonging to them. If you have an issue or suspicions about your boyfriends messaging, you are best to confront him directly but in a subtle manner.

Ask him questions to relay your concerns, check out what he is doing, where he is going and you should be able to get some answers. Clearly your relationship is going through a difficult time if you are considering this type of activity - often some honesty between a couple can resolve issues which can sometimes be created by a simple misunderstanding. He could be in a perfectly innocent relationship with someone else, a friend from the past or a work colleague.

Take some time to look at the situation from his angle and you might come to a different conclusion. If you are genuinely concerned about who he may be messaging, maybe its time to take a step back and consider the relationship in it's wider terms. Is this a recent concern or is it a result of a number of events that have been concerning you?

Perhaps your behavior and actions have been causing him concern and you both need to talk things through and be honest with each other. There are a number of different approaches to the problem that you can take, without attempting to go online to check out his text messages which could be illegal. By addressing the matter face to face, you are likely to get to the heart of the matter - if your boyfriend finds out that you checked out his messaging, even with good reason, it could end your relationship.

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