How Can You Check Your Boyfriends Text Messages From Your Phone?


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This can be done through the use of some software that is currently available on the Internet. A Google or Bing search will give you website results that offer text spying services. These text spying services are generally used by concerned parents, given that society appears to have become more dangerous for children. Whilst giving a child a mobile phone has become near enough a necessity, it has become equally important for the parents to consistently check what is being said by the child, and by those who talk to the child. Spying software generally has to be installed at the beginning of the phone contract and will require some communication with the network provider - hence, it’s only likely that you’ll be able to spy on your boyfriend’s mobile phone if the contract is being taken out on your name.

Failing that, you could opt for tracking services instead. These tracking services can be offered with service provider communication and can provide you with geographical information about the phone. Again, the contract will have to be taken out in your name in order for these services to be available to you. Of course you will not be able to read text messages through geographical travel, but you will be able to see where your boyfriend is going.

Finally, you must consider the fact that the easiest way you can check your boyfriend’s text is by just reading his phone. Wait for him to leave the room, or wait for him to leave the house, and simply read his texts. A relationship is based on trust, so whether or not you read his texts shouldn’t matter to him. If he has something to hide, he’ll be unhappy about it. If he doesn’t, then checking his texts is simply a way of seeing what he’s been up to lately.
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You can't actually unless you look at the phone itself. I've called my phone company and actually tried getting a print out of the text messages and the only people who can get the copy of actual text in text messages are lawyer or someone of legal stance. No matter how hard I tried there is really no way to get it unless you look. (Look while hes in the shower)
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Send message it in message write you want to say
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AFAIK you can't receive messages on your phone that were sent to another phone, but you can forward messages from one phone to another.

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