How Do I Unlock My Samsung Solstice?


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To unlock your Samsung Solstice you will need to have an unlock code, which will remove the current network on your phone by AT&T. To receive the specific unlock code for your phone you will need to contact the network directly.

To obtain the unlock code from your telephone network, you should dial *#06# on your Samsung Solstice handset and wait a few minutes until the International Mobile Equipment Identifier (IMEI) number appears on the screen. Ensure that you make a note of this number as it is needed to continue the process.

After that, you should call the customer service department of AT&T and follow the instructions until you reach a representative. Once you are speaking to someone then you will be asked to verify your wireless account and then you should request the representative to unlock your code. For them to do this you will have to tell them your IMEI number and wait for them to generate the code. Make sure you write down the code they relay to you.

Once you have finished the conversation you should then turn off your Samsung Solstice and remove the battery from the back. In addition to removing the battery you should also take out the SIM card from the slot position inside the battery compartment. Wait a few seconds and then reinsert the battery and turn the mobile device back on.

Once that has been completed and your phone turns on you should use the phone pad to dial #7465625*638* followed by the eight digit unlock code given to you, and then press the # key. Once you have done that you should wait for the screen to read ‘Network Lock Deactivated’. You should end the process by restarting your phone and then your phone will be unlocked.
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Type in *#6984125*# in dial menu for administrative settings. The master key is *#3818790*#
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My solstice keeps turning itself off
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Hit unlock and put your code in
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My IMEI is 357044/03/789739/1 02 can you help me
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Use unlock code to your mobile Samsung Solstice. Contact your network provider to get the code. If they failed to provide, you can get it from online providers. 

You should pay for the code to get that. Get the code from
a specialist site. There you should also provide network provider to which your mobile is locked, country to which the locked network belongs to and IMEI number of your mobile. Unlock it by yourself using simple step by step unlocking instructions which is given in the site itself. 

Remember always to be way of scams and online fraud though!

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G1 is right. You don't have all the IMEI's for the Samsung Solstice. The IMEI for my Samsung Solstice is 357044034369873.
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Hi I need help I locked my phone and I don't know what to do I got my IMEI: 35704403364965
anyone think they can tell my code?
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Doode your probably tired of getting this over and over but can you pllllzzzzz give me the unlock code to mines

IMEI:35704403364965/5 01

itd be really nice if I can get it thanks !
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Here are the codes for the Samsung Solstice.

One thing you will need is your IMEI number. This will help to know what code is yours. You can find this by taking out your sim card and typing in *#06#
After you have your IMEI find it on the left of this chart.

Imei : 011629000565450    UnlockCode : 4456383857000747
Imei : 357198003108157    UnlockCode : 8035167969160462
Imei : 354044030779748    UnlockCode : 41736958
Imei : 357713012434616    UnlockCode : 89532053
Imei : 354384010942910    UnlockCode : 88667935
Imei : 354384017814260    UnlockCode : Not Found

Now I will tell you how to unlock it.
First with your sim out and phone on enter #7465625*638*CODE#     CODE = the code that matches your IMEI

and thats it your phone should be unlocked!

PS this is what you will see when you enter in the code #7465625*---*------#
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None of those codes match mine is there a way you can find my unlock code?
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Could you send me my UnlockCode, please?
Imei: 357044039905168
Thank you!!!
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Hello, people, really i need unlock code for me phone samsung sgh-A817 IMEI: 354493044584141
please help me

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