How Do I Unlock A Samsung Metro Pcs R450 Messenger Phone?


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It is possible to unlock a Samsung R450 Messenger phone from the Metro PCS network, to make it network free, by following a number of simple steps.

• The first thing that you will need to do is write down your phone's IMEI number. This unique identifier number can be found on a sticker behind the battery. If you cannot locate it, dialing #6# on your keypad will display the IMEI number on your screen.
• Once you have your IMEI number, you will then need to contact your service provider for the Network Control Key that is required to unlock the phone. They may be hesitant to give you the number at first, but keep persisting as you have rights as a paying customer.
• You can then use one of the many websites available that sell unlocking codes to find one that is compatible with your Samsung R450. You will need to enter your mobile phone's IMEI number as well as your country, network provider and contact details. Once you have paid for the code you will then be sent an email with the instructions to complete the unlocking process. This process will involve the Network Control Key and a code provided by the website.

If you are wary about paying to unlock your phone online, there are a number of electronic shops that will be willing to do the process for you in store. With methods make sure that you have backed up any information from your phone that you may want to keep.

Unlocking a Samsung R450 Messenger phone means that it can be used on any network provider. This is a particularly useful thing to do if you are thinking of selling on your mobile phone. An unlocked mobile phone immediately increases the number of customers that you can sell to and also gives you the advantage of being able to charge more for the sale.

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