How Do I Delete Outgoing Call Log From My "My Touch" Phone?


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If you want to delete a call from your call log manually, you must first have the call history opened. Find the call you wish to delete then press and hold the selection. There is a pop out menu that will appear. Once you have that, scroll to find the delete option and press it. If you want to delete your entire call log, you do this to each entry. It might be a good idea to have your friends call your My Touch to refill the call log if you are trying to hide multiple entries. If you do this, your call log will appear to be normal and untouched. If you leave it empty, it will look strange. One application, Call History+ Area Codes 2.0, for the My Touch phone says it can be set up to automatically delete certain outgoing calls right after the call is finished. The maker of this app says that it is free. The app Call Log Manager Pro has higher ratings than the CallHistory+ Area Codes 2.0 Call Log Manager Pro can retrieve more information about the incoming call. This app is also good for blocking unwanted applications that are running, automatically deleting and/or saving specific phone calls or texts, and providing detailed call statistics.

If you choose to manually delete the logs, make sure you remember to do so after every time you call the number you don’t want saved. If you are making phone calls to this number on a regular basis, it might be worth downloading an app that automatically deletes the number. It is very easy to forget a minute detail such as this, and you will most likely forget to delete the number at least once. Always try to be wise and safe.
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You go to dialer- then call log- then long touch the person's name (meaning, touch it and don't let go) A screen will pop up with about 4-5 options. Choose "remove from call log"

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