How Do You Delete Quick Search?


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Quick search is a toolbar incorporated into a web browser. You can also call it a Browser Helper Object (BHO). It provides easy access to search engines and websites without connecting to their home page. It monitors web usages and keeps a log of search terms. Trouble happens when the "quick search" downloads updates without informing the user. This can make way for Trojans (virus masquerading as safe programs) to sneak into your computer and wreak havoc. There are software like XoftSpySE, which if downloaded can filter out Trojans and other harmful application from invading your computer system.

There is a button present at the left end of the quick-search bar. You can click the button or the drop-down arrow to get an access to the drop-down menu listing all available search engines. All you have to do is right click on a menu item and select "delete" to remove an engine or a folder. You can disable the "quick search box" by disabling it on
Google Desktop preferences page.

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