How Do You Delete Favourites?


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Christian answered
On most browsers, right click on a favorite, and click "delete".
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Arun Raj answered
Favourites or "bookmark" (in Firefox) is the place where you keep the links to your favourite webpages or websites; you surf on a frequent basis.
Here are the steps to delete favourites from Internet Explorer:
• Open Internet Explorer
• Click on Tools – Favourites
• Click on the "Favourite" you wish to delete and press the delete button.
Another way:
• Open Internet Explorer.
• From the Favourites menu choose Organize Favourites
From this window, you will see 4 buttons that allow you to "Create a Folder", "Move to Folder", "Rename", and "Delete."
• Choose the file you want and click the "delete" option.
If you are using "firebox," go "bookmarks toolbar folder," right click on the toolbar bookmark, a dialog box will open with several options. Choose "delete" to remove the bookmark.

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