How do i get rid of my face-moods on facebook?


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Many Facebook users complain about Facemoods because the application is intrusive, it slows down the computer and it’s difficult to be removed. Apart from reinstalling Windows, the only way you can completely remove Facemoods and its associated spyware and adware is to use a malware remover.

And here’s why: If you go to Facemoods Instructions to see how to uninstall the program, they provide the regular steps: Go to Control Panel > Add and Remove Programs, choose Facemoods, and click Uninstall. This looks simple, however, it won’t remove any additional components previously installed.

If you want to go further, you need to open each browser on your computer and manually uninstall, disable or remove Facemoods add-ons. To do this, remove the add-ons in your chosen browser.

Then, you need to restart your browsers and even the computer to finish the procedure. Don’t forget to disable anything related to Facemoods on your Facebook account.

If these two steps don’t solve the problem and you’re still getting Facemoods pop-ups, or you have the feeling that your computer is running slower than it should, you have to go for the real stuff.

Malware removers are the perfect solution to ensure that your computer is free of malware, be it spyware or adware. A good choice is Perfect Uninstaller. Go to and buy a copy of the product. Install it on your machine and follow the steps. The program will forcibly remove any other Facemoods component. Perfect Uninstaller is by no means the only solution you’ve got. Other excellent choices include Malwarebytes, PCKeeper, Stopzilla, AdWare-Pro, and Spyware Doctor. Choose any of these programs and you’ll be Facemoods-free in no time.
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I'm from Facemoods.  To remove Facemoods from your Facebook chat, simply go to the Control Panel in your start menu, then click on Add/Remove Programs, find Facemoods and click Remove.

If you use Firefox and would like to remove the Facemoods Add-on, go to Tools/Add-ons in the Firefox toolbar menu and click to uninstall.

If you use Chrome, please click on the Wrench icon on top right, go to extensions and click to uninstall.

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