How Do You Activate MS Explorer Add-ons?


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There are many Microsoft Internet Explorer Add-ons which you can install and use on your browser. Most of the add-ons are toolbars. Most of the toolbars and add-ons do not need any kind of an extra activation. They automatically start working and can be removed by accessing the 'Add/Remove Program' in the Control Panel of your computer. Some of the very famous toolbars that are available on the internet are the Google toolbar which helps you to search without actually going to the main web site. There is also a weather and news toolbar which tells you the weather of every main city of the world and give you the main headlining news of the world. The business toolbar also gives the business news such as the stock and the bullion market all over the world.

Pop-blocker is the most famous add-on which comes with the Internet Explorer which has the ability to block pop ups which cause spam.

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