Can ATX Tax Software Be Hosted On A Terminal Server? What Editions And Versions Of The ATX Tax Application Can Be Hosted? Also Suggest Some ASP Which Also Hosts Various ATX Add-ons.


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Yes for sure!
The edtitions and versions of ATX tax applications can be totally depend on the your lacerte hosting services provider. My hosting provider name Novel Aspect Inc. Provides all the editions and versions of ATX tax applications on the terminal server. Except these things it also provide the services to host various ATX tax addons on a single server and anyone could easily import transactions into quickbooks for all there records related to income tax returns.
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Yes, ATX tax Software can be hosted on terminal servers to
have anywhere anytime access to the program. Also all editions and versions of
ATX tax software can be Hosted.  You can
check Real Time Data Services at
for ATX tax Hosting solutions. Real Time data services host all ATX Add-ons
such as ATX Document Manager, ATX Scan and Fill, ATX Intelliforms, Fixed Asset
manager, Tax Scripts Practical Tax Experts and
ATX Client Write up.  The Tax
Hosting service comes with 24x7x365 IT helpdesk Support as well as Dual Data
backup in Tier IV data centers. For more information call 888-559-5650. We also
host other tax software such as Lacerte, Proseries and Drake as well accounting
solutions such as QuickBooks and Peachtree.

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