How do the host, server, busser, and cashier work together as a team? Describe how good teamwork benefits the customer.


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In a restaurant environment, various employees carry out different tasks in order to serve the customer effectively and maximize efficiency. Rather than having ten or so employees attempting to do all the jobs involved in serving customers, the majority of eateries enforce specialization in their staff teams. For instance, the busser will specialize in washing and drying the dishes, whilst the host will specialize in greeting customers. These employee members must cooperate with one another in addition to fulfilling their individual duties in order to achieve good teamwork status. Good teamwork can benefit the customer in a number of ways.

  • Speed of service

If staff members have good teamwork skills, customers will receive their meals in a shorter amount of time. As each employee is focusing on their task, and knows what the employees around them are doing, all necessary tasks are completed efficiently with a minimum amount of time wasted. The good teamwork here leads to a higher level of organization, which minimizes delays in the food preparation process.

  • Positive atmosphere

When a staff member is communicating effectively, stress levels in employees are minimized, which leads to the eatery itself retaining a more positive vibe. Servers will be more outgoing and polite with customers, making an effort to welcome them and ensure their stay is pleasant. Hosts will happily recommend various dishes and go out of their way to assist customer needs.

  • Food quality

If the staff team is more organized, proceedings in the kitchen will run more smoothly. Chefs will have more time to dedicate to improving the quality of dishes served, particularly if they aren't rushing around completing other chores. The customer will receive a better dining experience and more for their money.

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