How Can I Find My Computer's IP Address?


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It's very easy to find out your internal network IP address on your computer, but the method changes depending on what computer system you're running.  If you want to find out your broadband IP then you’ll need to go to a website such as:

For MAC OS X systems:

1. Go to your dock and load up System Preferences.  Or Go to the Apple Menu (top left menu - apple icon) and select System Preferences from there.

2. Find the Network tab in System Preferences.  This will open up the Network information page for your Apple Mac.

3. If you're connected via Ethernet or Wi-Fi choose the specific port you're actually using via the left hand ports window.

4. Once you've clicked the port type, you can then see your network 'Status' in the main window - which should state 'Connected'.  Just below this you'll find out your computers IP address.

For Windows 7 Systems:

1. Go to your system tray in the bottom right hand corner of your dock and click on the Network Connection icon.  Then select the Open Network and Sharing Centre from the menu.

2. Click on the 'Local Area Network' icon if you're using Ethernet or click on the 'Wireless Network Connection' and then click the 'Details' tab.

3. From here you'll see your computers IP address.

For Windows XP systems:

1. Go to the START menu in the bottom left corner of your screen and right click on the mouse, select Network and go on to select Properties. This will open up a new window.

2. Either go to Local Area Connection for Ethernet port connections or Wireless Network Connection if you're connecting using Wi-Fi.

3. Double click the port you're using and choose the 'Support' then 'Details' to see your computer's IP address.

For Windows Vista users, it's very similar:

1. At the bottom left hand corner of your screen, right click on the START menu and left click on Network, then view Properties.

2. Click on Local Area Connection icon for Ethernet connections or Wireless Network Connection and view status.

3. If you click on the 'Details' tab you'll see your computer's IP address.
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A computer's IP (Internet Protocol) address can be found at many places. One place to find the IP address is to open 'Control Panel' in 'My Computer' and entering 'Network Connections'. Double click on 'Local Area Connection' and click on 'Properties'. In the properties section you will see an option which says 'Internet Protocol (TCP/IP)' and you need to click on it. After it gets highlighted, the properties tab will become visible and you need to click on that. After clicking that, you will see your computer's IP address.

You can also view your IP address by opening command prompt by entering 'cmd' command in Run by clicking on 'Start'. Once the 'Command Prompt' window is opened enter the command 'ipconfig' and press enter. After pressing enter you will be able to view your computers IP address.
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Go to start, run, and type CMD.


The IP address will be listed.
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1- click on start
2- select run
3- type cmd
4- in that dos windows type in :   Ipconfig /all
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  If you want to find Your LAN ip address you just open your computer and goto start-run-cmd and type ip config .
you can find Your ip address.Suppose you want to know your internet ip address just go to this site
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Type in command prompt ipconfig and if it isn't there the can you tell me how to get it because I tried it on mine and it didnt work
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You can go on Wikipedia, edit a page in the slightest of ways, save it, and look at the history. The most recent edit is your IP address.

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