How Do I Find My IP Address?


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You can find your ip address through cmd prompt means ipconfig and it will display the LAN ipaddress. If you want to know the internet ip address you can get the details from ip-search
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An IP address is a unique number given to each computer connected to the internet that identifies it as being able to communicate with other computers on a network. It can however be shared across internal networks. The easiest way to find your own IP address is to click the Start menu on the Windows taskbar, and click again on the 'Run' bar. A text box will appear, in which you type cmd ~ this launches a command prompt window. If you type ifconfig/all., details will appear for all of the computer's network adaptors. The IP address will be included in a field in this data marked 'IP Address.' Alternatively, for a Mac, the Physical Address field will show the same information. Many websites will also automatically generate your IP address when you enter their homepage, e.g. Although an IP address can be used to identify a general location, but will not reveal any personal or important details.

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