How To Change My Ip Address That Indicates Its From A Foreign Country?


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IP address is the Internet Service Provider's location. Basically there are 2 types of IP addresses. One is 1)Static IP address and 2)Dynamic IP address. If you're a modem user each time you connect you'd have a different IP address. And in case of broadband you'll be assign the IP address by your service provider.
You can change your IP address by taking following steps.
In Microsoft Desktop, right click on my network places, then right click on "local area connection" then open properties. Afterwards click on Internet protocol(TCP/IP). In the TCP/IP properties you'd fine the option of "use the following IP address" you can change it there.
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This will really effect your broadband connection ,,,,,you probably won;t be able to connect at all. Better off searching Google for info on "proxy" servers. If you use a very good proxy, your IP address will show up as the Proxy not your actual IP/ Good Luck

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