What Is An IP Address?


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An IP address is a number assigned to every computer that accesses the Internet. The number identifies the specific computer in the midst of millions of computers worldwide. IP stands for Internet Protocol. An IP address exists in binary code.

Binary code is a number based system using just two digits, 0 and 1. When a user views an IP address it is generally displayed in decimal code to make it easier to understand. Decimal code consists of 10 digits, which are 0-9.

     An IP address consists of four groups of eight numbers. Each of these groups can be used, not just as a simple address, but also to signify a particular group. These can be known as classes. For example for a particular business, where there would be various computers under a single network, a class would be used to show they are all part of the same group.

Each group of eight digits in an IP address is called an octet. These are split into two sections: The net and the host. The net octet could be a shared class, as I explained, within a particular business.

The host signifies the particular computer within the network. There are several particular classes with their own functions. For example there is Class A, which is used by large multi-national companies, which would have networks spanning more than one country. These would have a specific code. Class B would be used for medium networks, for example a network in a school or college. Class C would be for small or medium sized businesses. There are various other classes, but these are perhaps the most common.
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An IP (Internet Protocol) is the distinctive location of your website on the Internet. You can call it the 'address' of your computer. The IP includes a set of independent computers (nodes) connected between them, with every node having a unique identifier assigned to it. There are unique rules which aid the computers across the network to exchange data with each other with the help of intermediate computers, known as 'routers.' The unique identifier is called an IP address.

Every computer in a network must have an IP address configured in order to communicate with the other computer. To know the IP address for your computer, click on the 'start' button on the lower left part of the computer screen. Then click on 'run' and in the dialog box, write 'cmd'. On the command prompt window, type in 'ipconfig' to know your IP address.
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The unique number used for identification for each computer on internet is called IP address of that computer.
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The IP Address definition of   Internet Protocol is:

"a unique string of numbers separated by periods that identifies
each computer attached to the Internet.
It also usually has a version containing words
separated by periods."
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