Why Is IP Called An As Unreliable, Best Effort, Connectionless Protocol? What Is Its Role In TCP/IP Protocol Suite?


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# What do you mean by IP is a best-effort protocol?
IP is a best-effort protocol, because it will make every effort to always transmit a datagram and also datagrams will not be just discarded. However, the delivery of the datagram to the destination is not guaranteed.

# What do you mean by IP is a connection-less protocol?
IP is a connection-less protocol because it does not maintain state information about the connection to a destination host. Each datagram is handled independent of other datagrams and also each datagram may reach the destination through different network routes.

# What is the role of IP in the TCP/IP protocol suite?
IP is used for

   1. Transmitting data from higher-level protocols like TCP, UDP in IP datagrams, from one host to another host in the network.
   2. Identifying individual hosts in a network using an IP address.
   3. Routing datagrams through gateways and
   4. Fragmenting and reassembling datagrams based on the MTU of the underlying network.

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