Who Governs The Internet?


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No one governs the internet, the internet is a network which is spread globally. So there are many independent communication bodies which are connected internationally to share the resources through the internet.People around the world can communicate with each other using the internet. Many countries are playing active role in the development of the internet so that the countries can share the resources for each other. There are many internet companies which work for the development of the internet. The internet was first developed by the American to use in the Defense and it was the project of the University of Pennsylvania.

Different internet networks which are on the global presence are connected through the internet by the fiber optics or through the satellite communication system. The internet is great source of knowledge it connects the different people for the different places at the same time so this is the reason for the popularity of the internet. The internet uses the TCP/IP protocol in order to communicate from one system to another system. So no one controls the internet.
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The Internet began in 1969 as an experimental project. The U.S. Department of defence wanted to develop a network that could withstand outages, such as caused by nuclear attacks .A principle goal was to create a system that could send messages.  When the ARPANTET was started, one objective of its founder was to create a network in which communication could continue even if parts of the network crashed. To achieve this objective, it was designed with no central computer or network. This is still true today. The U.S internet backbone, the major communication lines and nodes to which thousands of host computer are connected, cress-crosses the United States with no node being the central focus communications.    Unlike AOL (America On-line), CompuServe, AT&T WorldNet Service, and other information services, the Internet is coordinated (not governed) by volunteers from many nations serving on various advisory boards, task groups, steering committees, and so on. There is no single authoritative organization. The volunteer organizations set standard for and help coordinate the global operation of Internet. Each autonomous network on the Internet makes its own rules, regulations and decisions about which resources to make publicly available. Consequently, the Internet is being re-invented almost daily by the people who run these independent networks.
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It was put in by the ARMY CORPS of Engineers in 1944
It was to be a fileshare protocall system to share info between particle physcist

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