Would the task environment of a new Internet-based company be the same as that of a government welfare agency? Why or why not


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All industries, regardless of their type or size, share some aspects of the task environment. This means that a great portion of the task environment of an internet-based company will be the same as that of a government welfare agency. First of all, you need to understand exactly what a task environment is.

  • A task environment

The phrase "task environment" is used to describe all the different aspects of the business or body which can impact upon the body's success (or lack of it). The task environment of a business or body is subdivided into a number of different categories. These categories can differ from business to business, but the categories which are found in the task environments of most, if not all, bodies, are human resources, market sectors and the industry sector. These are explained below.

  • Human resources sector

The human resources sector involves aspects of the business such as staff numbers, staff training, staff welfare and the staffing of other companies. For example, a government welfare agency couldn't function without people inputting data or information into a computer, and nor could an internet-based company.

  • The market sector

The market sector requires that the body in question takes into account its customers or clients, and the services or products that it provides for these people. This sector would be applicable to both the governmental agency and the internet-based company - however, it would be more of a concern to the internet-based company, which is commercial, than the government welfare agency, which is non-profit.

  • The industry

The industry sector means that the body in question has to take into account other, similar bodies which provide similar services or products. This would certainly be a consideration for the internet-based company in question, but not so much of a big deal for the government welfare agency, as they do not have many competitors.
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