Why Is The Computer Or Internet So Addictive?


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Because growing has no space in it any more. No time when nothing is placed into the mind, so kids can just kind of dream or imagine. Even reading books, you got to fill in the spaces. Now the "writers" from everywhere--Disney, the Simpson's, etc. All offering fascinating, funny and often very original stuff, take up all the empty space. Most school programs offer very little in the arts of music for free, having decided these things are not essential--despite an astounding amount of evidence demonstrating that studying music enhances one's desire and understanding of math. And writing one's own poetry, or hikes, or anything creative, would create a greater desire to care about what you're "supposed to" read. In a conference on "Men and the Life of Desire," 1991, available on audiotape, Michael Meade, Robert Bly and James Hillman discussed the repression of desire in our society. Men are not encouraged. It makes them less controllable, and let's face it. SOMEONE wants us more controlled. We need to rehabilitate imagination. Then the computer would be less addictive, and so would TV and other media. I think it requires a connection to nature at a young age. Take 'em to the hills; let the kids make something, even badly, and feel good about it. Praise them for what they do with their minds and hearts and hands. Help addict them to their own creativity. It's not hopeless.
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I think it is because there is so much interactivity a long with a sense of anonymity.
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That is a very good question. Computer and Internet are the inventions of the modern age.They hold every kind of information and data you need to know. Mostly it helps you to do school projects and homeworks. People prefer it because it is fast and efficient.Nowadays no one would like to visit the library with heavy books and a lot of searching when you can just do all that with a click of a button while relaxing in your arm chair.You can play different games on computer and talk to anyone in the world at anytime of the day.Personnel stuff or official , you can do all that in the computer with fast access to everything.While you use the computer the whole world is at your fingertips Every kind of stuff.In one sentence people of every time and age preferred quick job with no or little hardwork and specially the young generation, so why would they go to the library (even it is important for you as books are your best-friends) while you can do it all easily at your cosy homes.So dear friend these are the basic reasons for the addiction of Internet and computer at the present time!
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Because there is literally nearly all the world on it, and the information there is immense. People also like to talk here, and anything else you can think of on here.

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