Why Nowadays Are Computers And The Internet Becoming Important?


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The internet is becoming an important thing for many people because it is a place to make new friends, have fun, get valuble information, and even make your own website!you can use it to spread a message you think is important. I use my website to spread Gods word.Cyberspace is an absolutely amazing place.There is something on it for everyone.you can make friends who live on the other side of the world.you can play lots of really good games.you can use it to help you learn, you can read interesting stories, you can get answers to your questions, you can even use it to help others.so, you see, the internet is remarkable.but its true that you need to be carefull what site you visit.only go to good websites, and your online experience will be a very pleasent one.also,you can use the internet to do good.hope this helps.

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