How Important Are Computers To Our Society?


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Computers in our society have become very important and they can be considered as a need of society. It is not only an informational tool for us but it is also used for communication and in businesses. When you go at a store you will get the prices through the identification of a reader of UPC bar codes. All records of the companies, institutions and organizations are fed in computers. Computers are not only used for the storage of data but also for retrieval of data. Computers are widely used in health centers for keeping the records of the patients and also for scanning. In agriculture they can be used for determining the right fertilizer quantity for the crops and also to make plans of planting and harvesting of crops. Even in the space technology computers are used. I cannot imagine any field where computers are not considered as essential requirements.  
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Computers are very important in our societies nowadays because, through the use of computers, one can chat with thousand of people at the same time without any difficulty. Also, it helps the assignments of students to be done at a faster rate. With the invention of computers, we can store information and retrieved it when necessary.
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Now a days computer has changed the whole scenario of our lives. Now we are in technology era. It has changed our mode of business. We can make deals of billions by sitting at a fix place to the other corner of the world. We can access the products by all over the companies of the world by a single click. ATM, track locator and mobiles are the other useful examples of computer. We can not deny of its importance in our lives.
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Computer in our society is very important if it stopped it would be the day of difficulties. It is suses evry where e,g ATMs, debit cards, all internet access, all info storage, GPS, sltellite TV & travel, traffic control, scientific sulculater, cellphones, space flight, air ports, banks, ID cards, lyicinses, investigation, universties, reserches, storing of records, labraries, net explarer etc. If have a computer consider as you al ot of things, mean facilaties. It is not just computer we are talking about but microprocessor. Now a days it is the need of  the world and incompleat without it. It is not only informational tools for us but it is also used for communication and in business. We can get information during bying of some thing by UPC bar cods. It is also uses for retrievel of data. It is also usining in health center, agriculture for fertilization. Can not be imaging that the computer are not essential need. Comment from shahzeb khan cyber hostel.
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So important that if they all vanished tmrw it would be the day the earth stood still! ATMs, debit cards, all internet access, all info storage, GPS, satellite TV & security, our military, air travel, tankers, traffic control, scientific research, cellphones, space flight, yada yada, they would all cease to be possible. It is not just computers we are talking about but microprocessors. If you have one PC in your home you likely still have ten microprocessors in devices in your life. There is no turning back I am some what concerned.

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Wel I think computer is the very very essential tool in our lives. Atcually we can say that it is an artificial human being which help us through out....

   We can do several of task at a time with the help of computer and we can also  call it time saving machine. Anyways, there are lots of uses of computer such as it help us in making the entire world a global village. By the help of internet we can any time be in contact with any part of the world so thats why it plays a great role in making the world a global village.

     Hmmm, I think if I write several books about the importance of computer it still wouldnt be enough but I think its enough for now hahaha.

Commented by Ahmad Naveed From Qurtaba University....
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For me, computer  have an important rule in  our life now a day's.because with this machine we can make thing faster,easier and good as well.Precisely,we can make our  task from impossible to possible  way.
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Computers have become extremely important in society by making global communications almost instant.  Unfortunately, they have also eliminated my job as I used to be an executive secretary.  Now everybody does their own typing.  The big problem with computers is paper waste, in the old days, we used to just correct a spelling or typing error with whiteout, or lift off tape, now most programs force you to reprint the whole document, if it is a standard document as the government used, to just fill in the blanks.
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Computer is really important in our society because now a days..many of our relatives is now working in other countries..we can easily talk to them the way of more writing in the the paper..

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