What Are The Types Of Computer Networks?


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There are 5 main types of computer networks:
1. LAN (local area network)
2. MAN (Metropolitan Area Network)
3. CAN (campus area network)
3. WAN (wide area network)
4. PAN (personal area network)

These are five types of networks that most users will come across daily — maybe not even realizing it! However, there are more network type, ranging from the Desktop Area Network (DAN) to the much, much bigger Global Area Network (GAN).
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Computer networking is a technique in which two or more than two computers are link together for communications and file/data sharing purposes. With these computers different other devices like printer, scanner, fax machine, hubs etc are also connect for data storage and sharing purposes.    Two main types of networking:  • LAN (Local Area Network)  • WAN (Wide Area Network)    Local Area Network (LAN):  In this networking different personal computers within an office are liked together to communication, sharing of data and devices like printer, scanner and so on. These computers and devices are connected with each other by means of cables. LAN is used in small office, where area is not big, or in a building or in group of buildings.    Wide Area Network (WAN):  In this kind of networking many offices situated in different countries are connected. This network is good for multi-national businesses i.e. It connect computers irrespective of their geographical location.      Network Advantages:  • Software can be shared.  • Computers can communicate easily.  • Data storage and files can be shared.  • Devices like printer, scanner etc. Can be shared.    Networks Disadvantages:  • Hackers and viruses can easily attack the system  • If there is a problem with server then it can may affect other computers  • Installation of devices may be expensive
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There are many types of computer network exist. But all networks are used for different purposes and we can categorized different computer networks based on topology, protocol and architecture. It is very necessary to describe these components which make a network different from others. If we talk about topology then it refers the shape of network means that how a network looks, and what does it arrangement shows. Bus, star and ring are some common topologies.

Protocol is used to define rules which are used in communication between different computers on network. Some popular protocols are Internet Protocol, Hyper Text Transfer Protocol, Transmission Control Protocol and User Datagram protocol.
Two types of architecture exist and every network based on either client/server or peer to peer architecture.

AS I told you we can define a line between those networks which are based on client/server architecture and which are based on peer to peer architecture. But topology, protocol and architecture are further used to categorize different types of networks. I also want to mention different types of computer networks as you asked in your question are given below.

(1) Local Area Networks
(2) Wide Area Networks
(3) Metropolitan Area Networks
(4) Public Switched telephone Network and many more.
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