What Is The Disadvantages Of Computer Networking?


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1) People can access the network and steal data
2) Needs network administrator which requires £/$/XAF etc
3) If the network gets a virus then personal data is made vulnerable
4) Discouraging people with less technology advantages
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If the network you are connecting to is the Internet or is itself connected to the Internet you are exposing the computer to attack, which principally consists of either stealing information from your machine or destroying information on it. The information damaged could be an application or the operating system resulting in a partial or complete breakdown of the machine. I think this is much less a problem for people than the vast number of distractions, like this, the Internet has to offer.

If you connect a computer to a strictly local network than the only disadvantage is the extra work and complexity of maintaining the net.
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Ans:-1 network hardware,software and set of cost
2 hardware and software management and administration cost
3 undesireable cost
4 illegal or undesireable behaviour
5 data security concerns
6 server faults
7 network faults
8 system open to heckars
9 centralized decisions
10 resource location.

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