What Are The Disadvantages Of Network Management?


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Disadvantage of network monitoring are as follows:-
1.) Purchasing the network wiring and file servers can be high-priced.
2.) Handling a substantial network is complicated, requires a network supervisor and training generally needs to be employed.
3.) When the file server reduces the files to the file server become inaccessible. Electronic Mail might still function if it's on a separate server.
4.) Viruses can spread to other computers throughout a pc network.
5.)There's A danger of hacking, especially with wide-area networks. Security methods are necessary to prevent such exploitation, eg a firewall.

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There are a number of "moving parts" to each of the systems.
What do you wish to test and against what parameters are you
testing is the question. These products come from formidable company's and each have advantages and disadvantages. If you provide more detail, I am sure I can help you with this problem.

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