What purpose does the reference list serve?


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This question could be taken in two ways. If you are referring to a reference list situated at the end of an academic essay then this serves a great purpose in correctly validating the piece of work. With an essay a student will research around the question’s subject and may well use quotes from previously published texts. Therefore if the words, or even merely the ideas of another person’s work, are used by a student it must be highlighted by the use of a reference list. The reference list tells the examiner of the work exactly where this information came from and makes it appropriate and valid to use in the essay. If other people’s quotes and ideas were not mentioned in the references but were still used in an essay then the student would run a great risk of being charged with plagiarism. This can even result in legal action as well as expulsion from the course, school or university dependent on the severity of the charge.

If however you mean the reference list you include at the bottom of your CV or resume then this also has a very important role. The reference list acts as the real back up to all your credentials you have listed on your CV or resume. A potential employer would use the reference list to check a candidate was a good worker and did indeed possess all the skills and experience they state on their CV or resume. A good reference from a previous employer or lecturer could well be the difference in the candidate landind the job or not.

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