Can Anyone Explain The Network Management In Detail?


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A typical network consists of 100's or 1000's of complex interacting hardware and software components.

It is not surprising that things occasionally go wrong.We need to be able to monitor a network, and exert control over it to keep it in line with our expectations

"Network management includes the exploitation, incorporation and coordination of the hardware, software, and human fundamentals to monitor, test, poll, configure, analyse, evaluate, and control the network and element resources to meet the real-time, operational, performance, and Quality of Service requirements at a reasonable cost."

Network management can be categorized into:
1- Network provisioning
2- Network maintenance
3- Network operations
Network provisioning
1- Network Planning
2- Network Design
3- Responsibility of the engineering group
Network maintenance
1- Network Installations
2- Network Repairs
3- Facilities Installations and Maintenance
4- Responsibility of I&M group
Network operations
Responsibility of the Network Operations Center (NOC)
The daily operations of the network (it is also abbreviated as FCAPS)
1- Fault Management
2- Configuration Management
3- Accounting Management
4- Performance Management
5- Security Management

ISO created a network management model.
Model identifies five key functional areas of network management:
1) Fault management
2) Configuration management
3) Accounting management
4) Performance management
5) Security management

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