What Is Ethernet, Discuss In Detail?


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It uses star or bus topology. It is popular because it is easy to implement, troubleshoot, and add new technologies, like fast Ethernet and gigabit Ethernet to existing network infrastructures. Ethernet uses the data link layer and physical layer specifications for local area network.

It was invented by engineer Robert Metcalfe. It has been standardized as IEEE 802.3.for connecting end systems to the network with the combination of twisted pair along with fibre optics cables as backbone use in LAN technology. In the latest technology Wi-Fi the wireless LAN standardized is use instead of Ethernet and use in many places, like homes and enterprises.

Ethernet was made for computer communication by using cables like coaxial cables as broadband transmission medium. Ethernet station work on packet switching method that is data is send or receives in the block of packets. It has MAC address which specifies the source and destination. Data is travel with variable length frames. Ethernet also uses what is called carrier sense with multiple Access with Collision Detect; it helps devices to share the bandwidth it was made to reduce the collision of data.

There are many types of Ethernet like half duplex and full duplex. Half duplex it uses one wire pair with digital signal running on both directions. Where as full duplex uses two

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