What Is Meant By Computer Hardware? Discuss In Detail.


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Computer hardware, including computer parts of all the physical in order to distinguish it included or hardware implementation of data and to provide instructions to complete the task of the software.
Computer hardware include: Chassis, motherboards, bus, power supply, memory controllers, interface cards, portable storage devices, built-in memory, input devices, output devices.
Board including

Board carrying the CPU (or CPU), memory (random access memory) and for the expansion card slot (but the CPU and memory are not integrated on the motherboard, not the board's attachment, itself belongs to the computer hardware)
[Edit this section], including memory
[Edit this section], including bus

PCI, PCI Express, USB, HyperTransport, CSI AGP ISA (have been eliminated), EISA (have been eliminated), MCA, NuBus, VLB, SCSI IDE (ATA), Centronics, HIPPI, IEEE-488, PCMCIA ADB, CAN, IEEE 1394, SATA, PS / 2
[Edit this section] interface card included
Sound card, graphics cards, modems, interface cards, network interface cards, TV cards
[Edit this section], including portable storage device
CD, CD-ROM, CD-RW, CD-R, DVD, DVD / CD-RW, Combo, DVD-ROM, DVD-RW, DVD-R, DVD-RAM DVD + RW, DVD + R, floppy disk, tape drives, external hard drives, flash memory, thumb drives, memory cards, SD, CF, MMC SM, SSD
[Edit this section] built-in memory, including

Hard drive, disk array controller
[Edit this section] input devices including

Keyboard, mouse, touch pad, trackball, digitizing tablet and stylus / pointing device, touch screen Ying, game controllers, joysticks, microphones, scanners, bar code readers, web cameras, digital cameras
[Edit this paragraph] output devices including

Printers, dot matrix printers, inkjet printers, laser printers, speakers, monitor
[Edit this section] Computer Monitors
Including CRT, LCD, LED.

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