Where Can I Get Computer Hardware Related Basic Question For Quizzes?


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I can tell you some questions related to computer hardware and they are given below.
(1) What is the function of motherboard and what devices it has?
(2) What is the use of Hard disk?
(3) Why a CD Drive cannot run a DVD while a DVD player is able to run CDs.
(4) What is the function of processor?
(5) Why 8085 processor is also known as 8 bit processor?
(6) What is the difference between 8 bit, 16bit and 32 bit microprocessor?
(7) What is the purpose of ram and what is cache memory?
(8) What types of printers are available in market?
(9) What is mean by USB?
(10) Can DVD writer is able to write CDs.
(11) What is the name of device which is used to watching TV on monitor?
(12) What is LCD?
(13) What is TFT and what is the difference between LCD and TFT?
(14) What is mean by DVD?
(15) Why a 3D card is necessary for playing powerful high graphics video games?
(16) What is the name of device which is used for connecting two computers?
(17) What is mean by 16max and 50max as you see these things on a CD player and DVD player?

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