What If You Already Entered The Wrong PUK Code?


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When you enter the incorrect PUK code into a phone, you only have so many chances left before it renders the SIM inoperative and thus losing all contacts saved on it. Your best bet is to contact the service provider to get the PUK for that SIM. PLEASE make sure you are not calling the provider from that cell phone and you MUST have a pen & paper to write down the code - if you don't, it could cost $20 - 50 to replace that SIM.

Having helped enough people through the years, I've had to be the bearer of bad news at how there was no way to waive that charge due to their own actions. If this is a situation where you were setting up security settings on a phone without following the manual's instructions, that'll be counted as "of your own free will."

Hope this helps!

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