I Don't Know My Puk Code, What To Do?


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Go to your local phone shop and they will fix it for you or you can go on lg cookies network site and they will tell you. I hope this helps you because it helped me.
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The PUK code or the personal unlocking code on a Nokia phone is usually
set to the default '12345' like all other Nokia phones if you haven't
changed it. If you have and you don't remember it then you could call
up the customer care of your SIM connection and tell them for your code. This cusomer care  number is toll free so you don't have
to worry about your bill if you are kept waiting for long.

Give them your phone number and maybe you will get it on the spot
or they might SMS it to you. Do not try and fiddle with your codes and
if you type the wrong one 10 times you are likely to get your SIM card
blocked. For security reasons you have to go through an identity
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3303106986puk code
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Mobile number 0567926487 puk code
sim number 8996631509120688330

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