I forgot my PUK code in my simcard!, how to know my PUK code in my simcard?


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april flem answered
Cell phone? Look under the battery it shows the three codes that are on the phone box there. Otherwise menu, settings, about phone, phone identity, and all the phone codes are there.
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Gumpz Ef answered
Oh the same thing happened to me! It's IMPOSSIBLE to get it back! What you have to do (if your phone is locked... Is it, is that why you can't get in?) go to the place that you got your phone from and the company... Like virgin mobile shop or whatever, and ask what you can do, probably you will have to register a new sim, but that only means ask for a new one with your details, so it will be the same number to phone and get yuor details for your phone to know and everything and next time... Don't get your phone locked! :)
hope that helped....

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