How To Get My Puk Code In Globe?


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To obtain a PUK code for a Globe cellular phone it is necessary to call the customer services department of Globe. They will ask you a number of questions to determine your identity, and they will then give you your PUK code.
The PUK code is asked for when the phone becomes locked because somebody has entered the SIM code wrong, three times. This security measure is in place to prevent your phone being used by somebody who may have stolen the phone.
There are a number of PUK codes that are thought to be universal for the make of phone, some of these are:
  • Sony Ericsson
The PUK code for all phones manufactured by Sony Ericsson is said to be 0000
  • Nokia
The PUK code for all Nokia phones is said to be 1234.
The PUK code is in fact different for all phones, and is not related to the phone itself, but the SIM card. The box the phone came in originally, would have had a SIM card pack with it. The PUK code is sometimes printed within the SIM card pack, but the easiest way to retrieve it is to call the customer services department of the relevant phone company, answer a couple of security questions, and receive it.
Globe Telecom is the most used telecommunications company in the Philippines. The company deals with a number of telecommunication elements of business, the most popular of which is cellular phones. The company was the first of its kind to introduce the iPhone and the Blackberry into the country.

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