Can you stay off the computer for 1 month?


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natalie king Profile
natalie king answered
I could but i wouldnt want to.
Gordon Hunter Profile
Gordon Hunter answered
Hmm.  Probably not .
Jessica Ewing Profile
Jessica Ewing answered
Simply stating: NO.
savannah seymour Profile
Ehh...already gave up peanut butter for lent. Comp would be too much lol
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savannah seymour
savannah seymour commented
Does that make me an aweful person? Lol
kyle perry
kyle perry commented
Ha we all need entertainment, im just kinda confused that it may be an addiction :) but I cant give up peanut butter.
Tony Newcastle
Tony Newcastle commented
You should definitely give up peanut butter.
Look what it did for Elvis Presley.
Ang Li Profile
Ang Li answered
So, here it is.

You got to have faith in yourself
Find something else to do like sports, sleepovers, parties, travel somewhere.

Humans can do anything with effort, time, and energy, you absolutely have to have that.

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